19 Greatest Apartment Decorating Ideas Made for Renters #apartmentdecor #apartment

Decorating rented space is a real challenge. Most landlords have rules about painting, holes in the wall and a host of other design challenges. Despite those limitations, you can have a truly fabulous space. Check out these genius apartment decorating ideas made for renters. They’re great for college life, too!

First impressions matter. Take the time to cultivate an appealing and welcoming entryway like this one.

Add heavy-duty command hooks to the front entry for guests to hang their coats and bags.

Choose beautiful furniture that doubles as extra storage, like this big ottoman.

Speaking of double duty furniture, this all-weather table and chairs can be taken out to the patio when the weather’s nice and used in the office the rest of the time. Isn’t that smart?

Remove those ugly blinds and hang curtains using command hooks so you don’t add new holes to the walls. Lovely!

Add splashes of color with potted plants. Succulents are easy to care for, but if you have a green thumb, try your hand at some gorgeous flowers.

If you’re lacking a headboard, a headboard decal (affiliate) offers the perfect solution! It creates a pretty design on the wall that’s easily removable and repositionable.

A decorative bi-fold or tri-fold screen also makes a lovely headboard without damaging the walls.

Create your own temporary wallpaper with fabric and starch. This is a great idea for an accent wall!

Or purchase temporary wall paper to add some color and pattern to your fridge. A wallpapered fridge? Yes! It looks fabulous.

If you can’t paint the walls, paint your furniture instead to add pops of color wherever it’s needed. Aren’t these gold-dipped bar stools gorgeous?

Add a bit of character to an unframed mirror… Use velcro strips and pretty trim to create your own frame that you can remove when you move to another place.

Hang a curtain anywhere you’d like to divide the room. It offers privacy without a permanent change to the room design.

Use clothespins to hang pictures on ribbon or string. It minimizes the number of holes in the wall and will save you lots of filling in when you move.

Use fabric (such as throws, pillows, and rugs) to add layers and texture to floors and furniture.

Use washi tape to create frames for photos.

Or add some color and whimsy to your kid’s room with a washi tape accent wall.