The Best Tips and Mattress Selection for Happy Sleepers

To stay healthy, to wake up in a good mood and for a better concentration, a good night’s rest is essential. The quality of the mattress greatly influences that of sleep. You must choose your mattress carefully, especially since it will be used for ten years.

Choose the mattress according to the profile of the sleeper

The choice of mattress must be made according to the profile of the sleeper. Indeed, each person adopts different positions to sleep well. Its weight, its morphology and its size are also to be taken into account when choosing a mattress. To have a restful sleep, the mattress must offer maximum comfort. The final choice will not be the same for a person who falls asleep generally on the side, on the back or on the stomach.

What support for what weight of sleeper?

– normal: you need firm – light support: balanced support – heavy: very firm support

If the mattress is for two people provide a bi-lift when the difference in weight is too important.

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There are a number of mattresses on the market: pocket springs, foam, memory shape, latex … The heart stroke is not allowed in this task. There are many things to consider because the quality of sleep depends on it!

Choose the mattress according to the position of sleep

The first criterion to take into account when choosing a mattress is the position taken during sleep: on the stomach, on the back or on the side. Indeed, there is an interaction between the type of mattress and the position adopted during sleep. According to studies, the positions on the stomach and on the side are the sign of a more or less restless sleep. It is therefore essential to choose a mattress that alleviates the negative effects of these postures in order to rest properly. Indeed, the right mattress perfectly fit the curves of the body to perfectly stabilize the user. The latter will thus be less subject to repeated awakenings. The silk pillowcase is also preferred to sleep well.

  • On the side: usually people fall asleep on the side during the deep sleep phase. Outside, they can change their position and get on their backs or stomachs. In this posture, the shoulder and the pelvis support all the weight of the body. Thus, a relatively soft mattress is ideal to promote good blood circulation. Otherwise, the sleeper will feel tingling and wake up several times in the night. The ideal mattress for people who sleep on the side is thus with memory of form.
  • On the back: the sleeper falls asleep peacefully and moves less often. The advantage of this position is that the weight is distributed throughout the body. The chosen mattress should be neither firm nor supple. If the natural curvature of the spine is large, the pelvis should be slightly depressed. The latex mattress is the best choice in this case. This material being both toned and elastic, it is able to offer the necessary support.
  • On the stomach: about 7% of the population falls asleep in this position. The most suitable mattress is rather firm. With a sleeping too soft, the back of the sleeper will tend to sink, the curvature of the spine will not be so respected. With an unsuitable mattress, the sleeper will wake up with a backache. The high density soy foam mattress offers the firmness sought for this sleeper profile.

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Know the particularity of the different types of mattresses

There is a wide variety of mattresses on the market. Knowing their characteristics is important in order to make the right choice.

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  • Pocket spring mattress

This type of mattress is suitable for couples. Indeed, a sleeper can move about 40 times a night and may wake up his partner if the mattress is not suitable. The pocket spring mattress is the solution! Individually packaged, the springs move independently and autonomously support the pressures exerted. Thus, the partner will not feel the movements made by the other, even if he turns during his sleep.

  • The memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is made of thermosensitive viscoelastic foam. He follows the curves of the sleeper and returns to its normal shape in the absence of pressure. This mattress is suitable for couples because it completely damps the movements. On the other hand, it is not suitable for people who sweat a lot during the night.

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  • The latex mattress

The latex mattress provides excellent ventilation and is suitable for people who perspire heavily during sleep. Firm and supportive to the whole body, the latex mattress is suitable for people with back pain. Generally treated anti-mite and hypoallergenic, it is perfectly indicated for people prone to allergies. To enjoy the benefits of the latex mattress, it is better to opt for natural latex. It has a longer life and offers better stability. In figures, a latex mattress has a density of 70kg per m3. Thanks to its firmness and flexibility, it is suitable for different postures: on the back, side or stomach.

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