13 Room Divider Ideas Will Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level #interior #homedecor

If you want to make two different environments in one room, or you have a small house and you want to make more rooms without building more walls, then your first choice is what's called room divider or partition. Room dividers are used to partition one space to two or more spaces, which will allow you to make different themes for those partitioned spaces. The good thing is room dividers can have different styles and shapes, and that will give you the ability to choose the room partition with the style you like, and suits your entire home theme.

1. Sliding Room Divider With Closet Door Style

2. Slatted Wooden Room Divider

3. Wavy Glass Partition

4. Sliding Fabric Room Divider

5. Rope Wall As a Room Divider

6. Hanging Room Divider Facet

7. Green Screen Space Divider

8. Real Tree Branches As a Room Divider

9. Semi-Transparent Sliding Wall Room Divider

10. Old Door Room Divider

11. A Rack With Screen Room Partition

12. Wooden Planter Boxes Room Divider

13. Modern Fence Room Divider