15 Genius Greenterior Ideas To Get You Inspired #homedecor

No need explaining why plants are good both for our health and mood. What's more, with their foliage, they are an inevitable part of home decor. Incorporating an abundance of plants in a home decor brings the nature indoors while giving us the perfect mood. Find your inspiration in these amazing living spaces that perfectly explain what is the meaning of the word greenterior!

1. Purple Accent

When decorating with houseplants, mix different colors and textures to achieve more interesting composition. Just a touch of purple gives a whole new look.

2. Grouped Cacti and Succulents

If you group different cacti and succulents in one sunny corner, you will get an abundance of texture. Colorful pots and planters will add an extra interest.

3. Urban Jungle

Don't be afraid to put a lot of houseplants in your living room. Tropical plants love the indirect light, so you can place them in the middle of the living room, away from the window.

4. A Giant Tree

Find an available vacant place in your home for a giant tree! A fig, palm, bamboo or anything that have a huge foliage can be a focal piece in your home.

5. Hanging Greenery

If you have a small living space or you simply want to add some vertical interest, the hanging greenery is a perfect solution.

6. Green Bedroom

Don't skip the bedroom when decorating with plants. You can choose plants that promote good sleep while getting the calming, natural feeling in the bedroom.

7. Green Home Office

It's highly important that your working space increases productivity - you can achieve that by creating a 'clean', neat space filled with lots of plants.

8. Simple Deco Greenery

Ferns and asparagus are perfect plants if you want to add a tropical texture to your home.

9. Living Divider

You can use plants to set up a divider that will separate different parts of the room in the most appealing way.

10. Rustic and Natural

The greenery encompasses the rustic wooden shelf while giving the interior a mother nature-inspired look.

11. Privacy Screen

If you place lots of houseplants near the window, plants will get the right amount of sun and you'll have a perfect privacy screen.

12. Green and White

White walls, nude shades, and a bunch of greenery - you can't go wrong with that.

13. The Sunroom

If you're lucky enough to have a vacant glassed-in, sunny place, then you can turn it into a garden room.

14. Resting Nook

A hammock and abundance of greenery, what else do you need?

15. Jungle Loft

This loft is a perfect example of greenterior - it's not only about plants, but about textures, colors, and patterns as well.