20+ Elegant Bathroom Ventilation Design Ideas For Home

Modern bathroom designs have moved a long way forward from its past. In today’s world, technology is being applied to make our bathrooms even healthier and more amenable to practices of hygiene. Even if you are a person who believes in the classical style, there are several options designed by modern planning to have a mix of both the classic and the modern. The looks and feel is classic, but the underlying infrastructure and usability is at par with any modern setup.

Among many important components that define a modern bathroom, one of the most underestimated components is a bathroom ventilation fan. If you think somewhat deeper, you would realize that it is impossible to design a good bathroom with a not-so-good ventilation system. Without the appropriate ventilation system in place, moisture and foul air would create an unbearable bathroom environment. So you must install a ventilation fan of great quality in your bathroom.

While designing your bathroom and selecting your ventilation fan, there are some important aspects that you would want to keep in mind. These aspects are listed below.

  • Placement of the ventilation fan for maximum effectiveness: You would want to design your bathroom such that the ventilation fan is placed for maximum efficiency. This placement is typically made close to the shower, since most of the water vapor comes directly out of the shower. So this kind of placement would suck in much of the water vapor coming out and thus the exposure of the rest of the bathroom to moisture would be drastically reduced. This is good both for the health of the bathroom user as well as the wall, painting and door of the bathroom in terms of longevity.
  • Nature of mounting of the fan: The bathroom ventilation fan can be mounted at the ceiling, on the walls or at the windows. Ceiling mounted fans are also well-known for coming with lights installed. Bathroom fan lights can be extremely good to look at. Otherwise, mounting on the wall is a good option too, and placing it near the shower walls for maximum efficiency is a practical step to take. Window-mounted ventilation may not be a great idea since it would block much of the daylight.
  • Motor noise factor: It is important that you get a good quality bathroom ventilation fan. Inferior quality fans would have a loud motor noise and that would spoil the relaxing bathroom sessions. Fans of good quality would be equipped with a motor that is practically silent.
  • Modern versus classical looks: Before you decide to go ahead, understand whether modern or classic looks would suit better in your bathroom. Keep in mind that even if you prefer classical looks you do not lose out any of the modern conveniences and facilities.

Once you are clear about these requirements for your bathroom, you would be in a better position to select the ventilation fan appropriately.