7 Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas And Tips #kitcheninterior

Think there is no such thing as a budget-friendly kitchen makeover? Remodeling your Kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, with a little time and effort, you can refresh your kitchen space. Add your personal touch and style with this collection of ideas and tips that will help you to focus on what really matters in updating your kitchen.

1. Spotlight important areas with strategically installed lights

Remove the boring fluorescent light and use spotlights, pendant lights or wall-mounted lamps to light up work areas such as the sink, stovetop and island.

2. Open shelves instead of upper cabinets

Open shelves provide display space and make a small kitchen feel larger.

3. Add more personality with new cabinet hardware

Choose bold and unique knobs and pulls that stand out.

4. Stylish backsplash tile

Use glass tiles in a mosaic pattern to add style and personality.

5. Cozy breakfast nook

Freshen up your breakfast nook with new colorful pillows and chairs.

6. Add style with a hutch

A hutch provides storage and display space, and it adds a unique style and character to your kitchen.

7. Flooring with character

Choose flooring tiles with character to add style to your kitchen.